Choosing Vung Tau for a relaxing travel trip at weekend for your family is a perfect choice because there are plenty of places to visit and delicious food to try in this seaside city. However, staying in a hotel may cause an uncomfortable feeling that makes you can’t enjoy your trip to the fullest. If so, why don’t you think about staying in a homestay? A homestay can meet all your needs about amenities, tight budget and bring you the most comfortable experience like being at home.

Our homestays for family in Vung Tau not only offer you accommodation but also bring a cozy atmosphere to your family. Thanks to the open space for gathering all family members and convenient kitchen, you can cook dishes of seafood, have BBQ or organize some family activities. These things will get every family member closer and share an unforgettable memory together.

If you want to organize a trip for many small families, we offer you plenty of options such as homestay with the shared room, homestay with pool, and so on. Vung Tau Homestay provides a 24/7 service, updates frequently interesting promotions, and always supports customers with all the heart in the target of helping you and your family find the best homestay in Vung Tau.