Guide To Travel To Vung Tau From A to Z

Is Vung Tau going to be the next destination of a wanderlust person and friends or family? Let’s take a look at some experience of traveling to Vung Tau here!To make a perfect plan of exploring Vung Tau, you should choose the best fit schedule to have a truly relaxing time in this coastal city.

Vung Tau Travel Schedule

 A Day Trip To Vung Tau

Far away 120 km from Saigon, it’s easy for you to take a day trip to Vung Tau in order to satisfy the desire for “Vitamin Sea” and experience the typical food that calls to Vung Tau’s fame.

  • Short time to go there: about 2 hours.
  • Be able to travel easily by motorbike.
  • Escape from the bustling place, enjoy the sea breezes, try fresh seafood, go sightseeing, and take the beautiful photos.
  • If you work in shifts and only have a day off per week, it’s ok for you to take a day trip and you are still full of energy for the next working day.
  • If you work from Mon to Fri, you can seize a chance to travel on Sat and take a rest on Sun. Sounds perfect!

 2 Days 1 Night Trip To Vung Tau

If you love adventures and desire to explore every corner of this city, this 2 days 1 night travel schedule is perfect for you to experience all interesting things in Vung Tau.

  • You can enjoy the seaside town to the fullest with only 2 days of the weekend.
  • There are many ways for you to go there: by motorbike for saving cost and time, by bus for convenient or by Limousine car for more comfortable.
  • Be able to visit plenty of places to check-in such as Marina wharf, Nghinh Phong cape, Pig hill, Kito Statue, Lighthouse, etc.
  • Amazing experience: enjoy the sunset on the first afternoon day, watch the sunrise on the beach for the second day.
  • Save Sunday evening for taking a rest and prepare a new and energetic week. 

Choose A Kind Of Transportation To Go To Vung Tau

After making a perfect schedule, don’t forget to decide what kind of transportation that you and your friends or family want to use. If you travel from Saigon, you will have many choices such as:

Travel To Vung Tau By Motorbike

Motorbike is the kind of vehicle that is chosen by most young people. There are 2 popular routes that tourists usually take, they are Route 51 and the road heading to Cat Lai ferry.

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Bus Round-Trip Ticket To Vung Tau

Nowadays, there are many trustworthy bus brand to travel from Saigon to Vung Tau. However, to ensure your trip goes smoothly, you should contact the bus office in advance for the detailed information about ticket price and departure time.

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Travel To Vung Tau By Hydrofoil

Traveling by hydrofoil from Saigon to Vung Tau helps you shorten the time of transportation. Besides, this is also an interesting experience for you and your friends.

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Hostels – Hotels, Homestays In Vung Tau

When you go to Vung Tau, you should be careful to choose the accommodation if you stay there for the night. Because Vung Tau is a well-known touristy city, it’s better to book your accommodation in advance to prevent you from being ripped off or running out of the room on the weekend and holidays. Here is information about popular accommodation services in Vung Tau.

Hostels – Hotels

These are the kinds of traditional and popular accommodation in Vung Tau. The hostels and hotels are often located in the area of Bai Truoc and Bai Sau beaches, they are available at many different price range for you to choose from.

List of the top hostels – hotels in Vung Tau.

Sea View Homestays

This is a well-known type of accommodation recently, which is chosen by many young people. Most homestays are decorated with unique designs and allowed you to join the daily activities with the host family. Besides, the cost of renting is also affordable.

Top beautiful homestays in Vung Tau 2018.

Apartments – Villas

Different from the other kinds of accommodation, Vung Tau has many sea view apartments and villas for rent. You can feel free to cook, have a party with your friends and family here without any worries.

Experience in renting sea view apartments and villas.

Places To Visit In Vung Tau

You definitely can’t miss the joy of sea swimming whenever traveling to Vung Tau. Moreover, there are so many places to visit and things to do including sweating activities, relaxing time, sightseeing, and taking fascinating photos. Here are some places you should put into your bucket list to visit in Vung Tau:

  • Nghinh Phong cape
  • Pig hill
  • Kito statue aka Jesus Christ statue
  • Lighthouse
  • Ho May park
  • Upside down house
  • Bach Dinh – the White Palace aka Villa Blanche
  • Dog racing show 

There are countless places to visit in Vung Tau but your time has the limitation. Therefore, you should read over the following post for getting more information and picking out the most interesting places that you desire to go.

Lits Of Delicious Food In Vung Tau

Fresh seafood is one of the best parts in Vung Tau that attracts all of the tourists. However, you always have many other choices apart from the restaurants. It means you can go to the seafood markets, buy the fresh ones and ask the seller to cook it for you. If so, you can enjoy the good seafood at a reasonable price. Besides, these are the other dishes that you shouldn’t miss in Vung Tau:

  • Vietnamese mini savory pancake (aka bánh khọt)
  • Stingray hotpot
  • Salt yolk cake
  • White sardine salad

Let’s see the detailed list of food reviews and place collections in Vung Tau.

Other Useful Information

Hope that the above information helps you prepare your trip in the best way. Wish you and your family or friends a great trip to Vung Tau.